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  • In this mode, one team will spawn as Humans and the other will spawn as Dinosaurs.
  • To win, your team must reach a certain number of kills, or have the highest number of kills at the end of the time limit.
  • After the time ends, you will switch sides and play as the opposite species.
  • As a dinosaur, you should press "T" upon dying to switch the type of dinosaur you want to play as.


  • In this mode, you will spawn as either the Humans or the Dinosaurs.
  • As a human, your main objective is to escape by running to the escape point.
  • As a dinosaur your objective is to stop the humans from escaping.
  • After the time limit is reached, both teams will switch sides and play as the other species.


  • Under Custom Mode, you can choose from various modes and restrict different weapon types.
  • Weapon types that currently can be selected are Knuckles, Shotgun and Sniper.
  • You can further restrict weapon types under Weapon Restriction when creating a room.
  • This is a great tool to strengthen your skills with specific weapon types.


  • In Deathmatch, teams are created and the goal is to annihilate the opposing team.
  • To win, your team must reach a certain number of kills, or have the highest number of kills at the end of the time limit.
  • Good map control is crucial to victory in this mode. With enemies constantly respawning, you'll need to know where to hole up, and when to pin down your enemies.
  • Every time you die you will respawn after a short time. No rest for the wicked!


  • This mode gives each team a goal that they need to work towards.
  • Corps Operators will be forced to quickly set up their C4 charge at the designated bomb site or wipe out the entire Aegis team. Aegis Operators will either have to defuse the C4 charge or destroy the Corps team.
  • Operators will not respond during the match. Once you're dead, you're dead! So move carefully and don't just go running around without your team.
  • Demolition requires good tactics and great team work!


  • Unlike Demolition missions, Sabotage requires Operators to attack an objective while defending their own asset.
  • Also unlike Demolition, Operators will respawn throughout the match.
  • The round will end when an objective is destroyed or the time limit runs out. If the time limit runs out, the team that did the most damage to the other team's asset wins!
  • The decision to split your team up, or have everyone rush the objective will be crucial to your victory!

Search & Destroy!

  • Search and Destroy requires you to annihilate the opposing team to win.
  • The round ends once the entire enemy team is dead.
  • The number of rounds one will determine the winner.
  • Bonus EXP will be awarded for kill strings and other impressive feats.
  • Search & Destroy can be played on nearly all maps available.

AI Challenge

  • Challenge Mode allows you to test your skills against AI opponents on a difficulty scale of 1-10.
  • Up to 4 Operators can join your team and up to 8 AI will appear as your enemy.
  • AI Challenge will not affect your Kill/Death ratio.
  • AI Challenge will test your limits and give you the opportunity to use many weapons as you hone your skills.
  • The game will end only after the time limit is reached.

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